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Profitable football predictions and how we reach the level of success – We have always been interested in any kind of activities related to football. It all started watching the late stunner of Solkskjaer, scoring the winning goal against Bayern Munich in 1999 helping Manchester United to win their second Champions League title. Immediately the event from this late May evening has made our minds dearing for more and more of this full of adrenaline experience.At that time it was also the brilliant technique of Rivaldo, the precise free-kicks of Beckham, the scoring flair of Batistuta that induced us dreaming to appear every weekend in the overcrowded stadiums with the jerseys of our favourite teams and playing among the greatest stars.

Although we could not become professional footballers, we have always wanted to start a job, even not so closely related to football. There was no doubt that we had the passion, had the knowledge and were willing to invest our time in the most possible constructive way trying to gain enough earnings from football. So, we started betting, just for pleasure, aiming to be daily connected with the Great game. Moreover, we managed to gain countless lucrative profits based on our deep knowledge and highly detailed analyses, or sometimes with luck.

One day, all of a sudden, we decided that we could facilitate the football fans all over the world. It was an incentive, so strong that the common sense could not explain, coming inwards long ago… So, we have dedicated ourselves in creating an useful method by offering paid football tips for a couple of years. It has been a period during which we have minimized our mistakes by improving our skills in analyzing the stats, the style of play of each team and adopting every novelty in the field. Now, we could state with a complacent smile on our faces that we proved our place among the best offering paid and profitable football predictions. Don’t miss your chance. Take advantage of our profitable football predictions 365 days a year!